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In just a few steps, launch your
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Get your business
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Dubai: A great place to start your Business

Low taxes and stable currency
Strategic Location
Diversified Economy
Highly Skilled Workforce
Robust Infrastructure
Access to Global Markets
No Personal Income-Tax
Attractive Lifestyle

Looking for a Freezone entity?

A designated area within the UAE that provides tax incentives and 100% ownership to foreign investors.Free Zone companies are primarily used for international trading and are limited to conducting business within the Free Zone or overseas.

Looking for a Mainland entity?

It is formed in the mainland of the UAE, outside of the Free Zones. A Mainland companies have no restrictions and are allowed to do business anywhere in the UAE and across the globe.

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Looking for an Offshore entity?

It is a legal entity that is formed outside the UAE, but registered within the UAE. An Offshore company is not subject to UAE corporate tax, but is not allowed to conduct business within the UAE.

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About Us

Welcome to Perspective. Our company is dedicated to providing comprehensive business solutions to entrepreneurs, startups, and established businesses alike.

We understand that setting up a business can be a daunting task, and that’s where our team of experienced professionals comes in. We offer a wide range of services that cater to your business needs, whether it’s setting up a new company or expanding your existing one.

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Can you setup your business in the UAE yourself or you need a consultant?

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You shouldn’t, if you know about the jurisdictions and laws of the UAE in-depth. If you know which is the right licence and business activity to apply for.

Time & Money

If you have plenty of time and money. Yes, setting up a business by yourself will consume your time, energy and money.


You can set it up alone, if you can go through the hectic paperwork. Applications, forms, legal and banking requirements.


You’ll save tons of money. But at what cost? Do you feel that going through all the mess just to save some bucks will help? Plus, there is no guarantee of error-free set-up.

How to Launch your dream Business in UAE?

Exceptional opportunities, Exciting Future.


It all begins with an Idea.


We're just a call away.


Handling all your required documents.


We'll get your job done.

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Why aim for the moon when you can reach the stars.

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    The United Arab Emirates is strategically located at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and Asia, making it an ideal destination for businesses across various sectors. The UAE boasts a highly structured environment that adheres to global practices, which motivates entrepreneurs to invest in innovative business ideas. Additionally, businesses operating in the UAE enjoy the benefit of tax exemptions and complete capital repatriation with no currency restrictions. This level of financial freedom is rare in a highly developed business environment, making the UAE an attractive market for entrepreneurs from around the world.

    In UAE, you can set up a mainland business, or a business in a free zone or an offshore jurisdiction.

    Mainland- You don;t require a local sponsor to start your business.

    Free zone- You do not need a local sponsor, but can operate only within a limited geographical region.

    Offshore- Allows you to safeguard your wealth and assets, but you cannot trade in UAE and will only get a certificate of incorporation and not a trade license.

    Company formation in mainland Dubai could take a while if you do not have all the necessary paperwork and documentation approved by different government agencies. With the right consultants to help you, like Perspective Business Setup, you can establish your business in the UAE in just three days.

    Business License and registration can be done within three weeks of time, yet again, if the business activity requires certification or attestation for any other judicial body — it can stretch the time.

    Company formation in UAE free zones can take anywhere between 3-10 days, whereas an offshore company formation can be established within 48 hours if you have the right resources at hand.

    In the United Arab Emirates, there exist several categories of business setups, each with its unique set of terms and conditions. These conditions include the minimum capital investment, incorporation procedures, and the number of shareholders required. The seven categories are as follows:

    • civil company
    • sole establishment
    • subsidiary company
    • branch office or Representative office
    • General Partnership Company
    • Partnership-en-commendams
    • Public Shareholding Company
    • Private Shareholding Company
    • Joint venture Company
    • Limited liability Company (LLC)
    • Share Partnership Company. 

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    Shams Freezone

    fromAED 5650
    ✅100% Ownership
    ✅0% Corporate Or Personal Tax
    ✅Multiple Shareholders
    ✅Companies Will Be Limited Liability
    ✅Trade Name Will Be Issued With Suffix LLC
    ✅Presence Of Shareholders Not Mandatory
    ✅Free Activity Consultation
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    Dubai Meydan Freezone

    fromAED 12,500
    ✅An Exclusive Dubai Govt. Initiated Freezone
    ✅Trade License with Dubai Govt. Logo
    ✅Trade Name Will Be Issued with the Suffix LLC Fz
    ✅100% Ownership
    ✅0% Corporate or Personal Tax
    ✅No NOC Required
    ✅Setup an Office in Mainland with NOC
    ✅Shared Desk
    ✅Trade License Cost
    ✅Multiple Activity Groups
    ✅Free Activity Consultation
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    Dubai IFZA Freezone

    fromAED 10,900
    ✅100% Ownership
    ✅0% Corporate or Personal Tax
    ✅Lowest Cost Dubai Freezone
    ✅Dubai Freezone
    ✅No NOC Required
    ✅Trade License Cost
    ✅Multiple Activity Groups
    ✅Free Activity Consultation
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    Dubai Mainland Professional License

    fromAED 11,500
    ✅100% Ownership
    ✅Trade License Cost
    ✅Uae National Sponsorship
    ✅Trade Name Reservation
    ✅Initial Approval
    ✅Free Activity Consultation
    Contact Us

    Dubai Mainland Commercial L.L.C. License

    fromAED 15,250
    ✅100% Ownership
    ✅Trade License Cost
    ✅Initial Approval
    ✅Trade Name Reservation
    ✅Free Activity Consultation
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    Different packages for different business requirements.

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    I cannot thank Perspective business set-up enough for their exceptional services. From the initial consultation to the final setup, they went above and beyond to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process. They took care of all the legalities and paperwork, allowing me to focus on other aspects of my business. Their expertise and efficiency are truly commendable. I would definitely choose them again for any future business ventures.

    Sarah M.

    I had a fantastic experience working with Perspective business set-up in UAE. They provided excellent guidance and support throughout the entire process of establishing my company. Their team was knowledgeable, responsive, and highly professional. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to start a business in the UAE.

    John S.

    I recently started my business in Dubai and had the pleasure of working with Perspective. Their team was extremely knowledgeable and helped me navigate through the complex procedures of company formation. They provided valuable insights and advice, ensuring that I made the right decisions for my business. I am grateful for their professionalism and highly recommend their services to anyone seeking reliable business setup assistance.

    Ahmed R.

    Perspective Group of Companies

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