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Flexibility: The past couple of years have taught us that businesses need to quickly embrace digital trends such as e-commerce, automation and digital payments to gain an edge.
The COVID-19 pandemic has made entrepreneurs more resilient and creative in how they develop strategies for working in a world with less face-to-face contact.

Compliance: Always stay up to speed with latest regulations and diligently follow the rules.
Businesses must ensure that the compliance requirements are properly satisfied in a timely manner to save them from pitfalls of fines and penalties.

Creativity: Devising new ways of doing everyday things or out of the box solutions for daily issues.

Networking: Selecting an entrepreneurial ecosystem such as a free zone to benefit from interaction with other innovators. Networking serves as an avenue to create long-term relationships with mutual benefits. Making it a two-way process of giving and taking can open doors for a firmer relationship.

Relevance: Keeping your ear to the ground and creating products or services which are affordable and easy to use.

Cost efficiency: Entrepreneurs , specially, the Startups, need to have clear visibility and budget forecast of their financials to succeed. Limit unnecessary expenses and run a lean operation focused on value generation and growth. It has been seen that benefits of managing financials and compliance always outweigh the cost incurred on it.

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